SYBILLA Equipment for R&D

posted Jul 25 2023

SYBILLA (stands for CBE-LA: Chemical Beam Epitaxy Laser-Assisted) equipment is a thin film growth equipment based on the CBE/CBVD technique (with the additional option of assisting the growth with perpendicular laser irradiation on the substrate).

We offer a wide range of different equipment models depending on the chosen substrate size and the number of chemical precursor lines (to deposit simultaneously from different compounds).

The equipment is designed such that highly uniform precursor flows (impinging rates) are achieved on the substrate even without substrate rotation or planetary motion (that are usually mandatory in other techniques) in a very compact growth chamber (despite the line-of-sight deposition technique).

In addition to uniform coatings, the equipment can be used in combinatorial mode (i.e highly controlled and customized chemical precursor flow gradients are achieved on the substrate according to highly accurate mathematical models) to rapidly investigate and optimize material properties and processes (precursor flow ratios determining the layer thickness, growth rates or chemical composition).

ABCD Technology staff and partners have been continuously developing the technology for more than 20 years, providing a user-friendly equipment with fast process optimization and merging all the advantages and facilities in a single reliable tool.

Several options are available such as additive growth (either with masks or with energetic beams, laser, electrons, etc.) and a wide range of in-situ monitoring/characterizing techniques for real-time measurements of growing thin films.

Several improvements for production are also available on demand.