R&D Services

posted Jul 25 2023

Unlike most of our competitors, we also provide specific R&D support for you.

ABCD Technology has developed a strong partner network at R&D level to ensure awareness on current challenges and thin film bottlenecks and to provide continuous upgrades to its equipment.

We are strategically placed to anticipate the needs in a broad number of emerging markets thanks to a wide variety of top-level R&D programs.

ABCD Technology also provides, in collaboration with its network partners, material process development to match selected material properties or applications as well as technology intelligence services to challenge future emerging applications/devices.

Both services are available either as mandates or under collaboration within publicly funded projects.

In particular, we can:

  • Synthetize / investigate new precursors.
  • Optimize or develop totally new processes.
  • Optimize or develop totally new materials with tailored properties and functionalities.
  • Customize your Sybilla equipment with specific features.