posted Jul 25 2023



Our main standard models are the ones listed below:

  • SYBILLA 200
    Proposed for 200 mm substrates with 3 precursor lines;
  • SYBILLA-450
    Proposed for 450 mm (18”) substrates with 3-5 precursor lines.

Other geometries on demand.

Several options are available, though we warmly recommend at least combinatorial and additive growth facilities as these options will make you stand out of the competition.

We can list the main ones:

  • Combinatorial facility
  • In-situ characterization techniques
  • Additive growth process
    • Laser-assisted (or other particle beam-assisted) deposition
    • Shadow or stencil mask assisted
  • Multi-chamber equipment and substrate cassettes
  • All the SYBILLA equipment can be used with substrate holder adapters enabling single or multiple smaller size substrates.
  • Automated process setting with optimized recipes.