Sybilla improvements | ABCD-technology

We greatly improved CBE technique by developing powerful facilities and enable tomorrow complex devices manufacturing. Furthermore, in the 1990′s, the synergy between the various advantages was poorly addressed and exploited.

We can list among other main improvements:

  • A new precursor delivery system (injector) to achieve highly homogeneous thin films without any substrate rotation and in a very compact reactor (10 liters for 150 mm wafers) despite the line-of sight deposition technique”
  • High vacuum and no substrate rotation make laser or electron irradiation additive manufacturing possible (in-situ patterning of the film during the growth both at morphological, chemical composition or crystalline phase levels).
  • A new combinatorial facility adds to vary the chemical composition by shaping the independent chemical precursor flows spatial impinging rate distributions over the full substrates.
  • The combinatorial facility extends on patterned substrates to profit from standard nano-resolution silicon photolithography facilities and through stencil masks to acquire more flexibility on the substrate type and reusability of the mask.
  • The laser-assisted deposition enables to better control the process, improves material properties and reduces thermal load both on substrate and in stacks of layer of different materials.